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Mutual Value Labs equips companies to drive superior value creation through the Economics of Mutuality operating model. Our digitally enabled consulting capabilities, proprietary tools, and leadership development programs empower you to enhance business performance by profitably addressing societal and environmental challenges.


A Better Way of Seeing and Doing Business

The Economics of Mutuality is a proven operating model that drives superior value creation through impact-led management practices.

Powered by digital tools, it equips companies to generate enduring mutual value for the benefit of multiple stakeholders by addressing complex societal and environmental challenges.

Practical and scalable, the model enhances business performance by embedding purpose-driven strategies and metrics into day-to-day operations.


From Idea to Impact

The Economics of Mutuality operating model emerged from a multi-year business innovation program developed by Mars that engaged a range of cross-sector partners including Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. The program delivered proof of concept practical application across business units, sectors, and markets along with teaching curricula and case studies.

The team behind the program spun out of Mars in 2020 to advance and implement the operating model more widely. Under the independent brand of the Economics of Mutuality Alliance, a partnership of two non-profits and two for-profits, they now collaborate with companies, investors, universities, and NGOs around the world to serve the common good.

The Economics of Mutuality shows us that we can do well and we can do good at the same time. The myth that ‘for us to win, someone else needs to lose’ must be busted."

Nuno Gonçalves
VP of Talent Management & Executive Development, Nike

Driven by the Economics of Mutuality model, Royal Canin has become the sector’s most valuable brand and the most successful Mars Incorporated business, tallying 20 years of double-digit revenue growth.”

Loïc Moutault
Global President of Petcare, Mars Incorporated.

The Economics of Mutuality has the potential to be a game changer in encouraging companies to optimize their cost of capital by lowering operational beta (via a more robust supply chain) and also raising the headroom for long-term growth."

Timothy Wong
Global Head of Group Strategy and Group Research, DBS Bank


Thriving Business

An opportunity, not an obligation, the Economics of Mutuality hardwires mutuality into your day-to-day operations, leveraging the typically untapped value of Social, Human, and Natural capital.
Organizational alignment enables strategic transformation and innovation
Motivated, engaged colleagues are more productive and more loyal
Respected and trusted brands create preference and build intangible value
Efficiency savings, risk reduction, and sustained growth enhance profitability
social and environmental
Healthier, flourishing communities and positive environmental impact ensure all thrive


Flourishing Society

You no longer have to choose between building a thriving business and contributing to a flourishing society. The Economics of Mutuality is an engine of transformation that equips you to do both without having to trade returns for impact. 

Creating value for your stakeholders and your shareholders doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. It can be mutually beneficial.

Everyone wins when you address the problems of people, place, and planet… profitably.


For Good Companies

Mutual Value Labs is a forward-facing management consulting firm owned by the non-profit Economics of Mutuality Foundation.

By equipping companies to embed the Economics of Mutuality operating model, we enable them to identify and meaningfully address societal problems… profitably and at scale. This supports agile business transformation, creates innovation opportunities, and delivers growth.


What We Bring

We serve and support a range of companies, primarily business units within multinationals and SMEs. Working alongside front-line leaders, we adapt our services to each client’s unique context and requirements.

Our capabilities include:

  • Using digital tools to conduct and analyze research across business ecosystems 
  • Identifying impact-led value creation opportunities that can drive performance 
  • Mitigating risks that could become an invisible drag on both the top and bottom line 
  • Developing leadership capabilities based on the principle of mutuality 
  • Educating and certifying Economics of Mutuality practitioners


Purpose Into Practice

An increasing proportion of companies want to be purpose-driven because they appreciate that delivering a higher corporate purpose can add meaning to their brand, create value for their stakeholders, and give rise to a more motivated and engaged workforce. 

But many don’t know how to get from a lofty statement to practical implementation – to shift from staring into the ‘light of purpose’ to using it as a means of illuminating problems. 

We help clients put purpose into practice by locating the challenge within their ecosystem that represents the best opportunity for growth and impact – the place where combined resources meet collective demand. 

Let’s Discuss

If you’d like to explore how the Economics of Mutuality could drive transformation in your context, just reach out. We'd be delighted to start a conversation.

    The idea of tracking the four types of capital — instead of just what everyone else seems to track: financial capital — and then to have rigorous, field-tested measurements that capture most of the value generated by the other three, is ingenious."

    David Gardner
    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, The Motley Fool

    The Economics of Mutuality has enabled me to see the capabilities my business has to engage with partners to bring profitable solutions to the problems of people and planet."

    Mandikova Drahomira
    Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Asahi

    The Economics of Mutuality offers freedom to realize optimal, sustainable success for business, its people, and the communities they operate in, as well as our planet."

    Lim Siong Guan
    Former Group President of GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund

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    A partnership of two non-profits and two for-profits, the Economics of Mutuality Alliance works across the world to advance stakeholder capitalism through the Economics of Mutuality operating model.
    For Good Societies
    Advancing the operating model through events, thought leadership, education, research, and cross-sector stakeholder orchestration.
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    For Good Companies
    Equipping companies to implement the operating model through digitally enabled consulting, proprietary tools, and leadership development.
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    For Good Investments
    Equipping investors to transform the way capital is deployed by implementing the operating model in public and private equity investments.
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    For Good Communities
    Nurturing individual vocation and seeking the thriving of communities as well as business and investment where the operating model is deployed.
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    Working Together for the Common Good


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