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Jan 2024

Brand Identity


Brand Identity

If you are producing any materials using the Economics of Mutuality brand, please email hello@eom.org for approval and support.

Our Unique Language

Naming Conventions

  • Economics of Mutuality: A management innovation.

  • EoM Foundation: A public interest foundation that advances the Economics of Mutuality through business research, education, and advocacy.

  • EoM Solutions: A strategic management consultancy that deploys the Economics of Mutuality to transform business models through proprietary capabilities, tools, and leadership development.

  • EoM Investments: A principal investment and advisory group that provides investors with a range of investment opportunities, services, and tools that embed the Economics of Mutuality in their investment context.

  • Economics of Mutuality platform: The organisation built around the Economics of Mutuality, comprised of EoM Foundation and EoM Solutions.

  • Economics of Mutuality methodology: The processes and tools that empower companies to implement the Economics of Mutuality.

  • Economics of Mutuality movement: The network of actors surrounding the Economics of Mutuality connected through knowledge sharing, joint advocacy, coalitions, and broader engagement.

Purpose Statements

  • Economics of Mutuality platform: Completing Capitalism: Transforming the Economic System by Creating a Mutuality of Benefits Among All Stakeholders.

  • EoM Foundation: Redefining Economic Performance to Meet the Needs of the World.

  • EoM Solutions: Enhancing Business Performance by Meeting the Needs of the World.

  • EoM Investments: Enhancing Investment Performance by Meeting the Needs of the World.

Elevator Pitch

Business leaders today are coming under increasing pressure from employees, consumers, investors, and governments to embed sustainable and responsible ESG practices. This reflects the new horizon for value creation which is about profiting from creating solutions for people and planet, not profiting from creating problems.

The Economics of Mutuality (EoM) is a groundbreaking management and investment innovation designed to accompany organizations in their transitions, allowing them to deliver greater value to people and planet and also superior business returns – a ‘win-win’ for all stakeholders.

After fifteen years of in-depth research and practice pioneered by Mars Inc. and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, a platform was established in 2020 to advance and implement EoM through education, business, and investment with the purpose of Completing Capitalism.

Operating globally from Geneva, Switzerland, this unique capitalist structure is comprised of the public interest EoM Foundation, its management consultancy arm, EoM Solutions, and its private equity arm, EoM Investments.

EoM Solutions Value Proposition

Key Ideas

Three key ideas lie behind the Economics of Mutuality:

  1. The primacy of purpose in driving strategy and business decisions.

  2. The power of orchestrating ecosystems at business unit level around purpose to mobilize untapped external resources.

  3. The importance of enhancing performance management across multiple forms of capital — social, human, natural and shared financial — to drive holistic value creation.


Promoting MUTUALITY: Creating reciprocal beneficial relationships among relevant stakeholders within society, the environment, and the economy.

Acting with INTEGRITY: Walking humbly towards our purpose, nurturing trust with one another, honoring past and future relationships, and acting justly in our daily work as we prioritize the common good.

Nurturing COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Harnessing a diversity of talent and investing in people who are driven by a sense of purpose that transcends self-interest and are keen to achieve the highest standards of creativity and excellence.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Triggering a system change for an economy of purpose and prosperity that is performant for society and preserves the environment.

Our Visual Identity


The logos below are designed to be viewed on screens or printed on office/home printers. If you require a version of the logo for professional printing, please email hello@eom.org.

When positioning the logo, ensure space is left around it at least equal to the radius of the circle. Do not distort the logo in anyway, such as recoloring it or changing the proportions.


Blue logo for digital use


White logo for digital use

Color palette

In addition to these colors, greyscale can be used. The primary Economics of Mutuality brand should use EoM Blue, black, light shades of grey, and white. Where needed, the secondary colors should be used sparingly with black, any shade of grey, and white.


Primary color: EoM Blue

RGB (digital): 93, 127, 164
CMYK (print): 68, 43, 20, 4
HEX (web): 5D7FA4


Secondary color: EoM Green

RGB (digital): 116, 189, 191
CMYK (print): 57, 6, 28, 0
HEX (web): 74BDBF


Secondary color: EoM Red

RGB (digital): 186, 60, 80
CMYK (print): 20, 86, 55, 10
HEX (web): BA3C50


Secondary color: EoM Purple

RGB (digital): 110, 95, 137
CMYK (print): 65, 64, 24, 7
HEX (web): 6E5F89



Poppins for headings


Roboto for body copy

These house fonts are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You can use them freely for print or digital, commercial or otherwise.

If the house fonts are unavailable, use Century Gothic for headings and Calibri for body copy.


We are happy for you to reproduce short samples of Economics of Mutuality content in appropriate contexts. If you do so, please make sure to provide suitable attribution. For example, if you use a quotation from our website, you should clearly reference that it came from the Economics of Mutuality website and provide a link back to the page it was copied from. If a specific author is named, cite their name in full. If you would like to reproduce a longer sample of content, please email hello@eom.org for approval.