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Jan 2024






How we learn about economics and management is constantly changing. Yet, much of what we learn in formal education has remained the same for decades. There is an urgent need to update curricula across the board in order to align with the context and challenges of today’s world.

Executive Education at Oxford University

Alongside Saïd Business School’s top-rated Executive Education Team, EoM Solutions has co-designed an innovative five-day course for senior business leaders.

The collaborative learning environment encourages exploration and fresh thinking. It empowers business leaders to launch the Economics of Mutuality within their own companies by co-creating innovative business initiatives with input from leading academics and practitioners.

An online version of the course is also available, which makes use of a variety of engaging virtual teaching tools and platforms.

If you are interested in participating, please email hello@eom.org.



“Mutuality addresses the increased realization that the ability of an organization to create value for itself is inextricably linked to the value it creates for others.”

Dr Judith Stroehle
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Economics of Mutuality in Masters and MBA Curricula

It is not enough to focus on existing leaders. Future generations must be exposed to alternative views on economics and management.

The Economics of Mutuality has been taught as a superior model for value creation through numerous guest lectures and events across the world. We are now actively moving from single lectures to co-delivering substantial modules either as electives or core classes.

The Economics of Mutuality is currently taught at Masters level at the following universities:



“We have a management education system that is now quite old. What I’m talking about is reset, reboot – changing our theories, changing the way we teach, changing our value systems, changing the publication game.”

Marie-Laure Djelic
Dean, The Graduate Institute of International
and Development Studies Geneva